The Newest Trends in Home Security


As the Internet of Things has grown, home security has risen to a new level. No longer are you locked in to permanent placement of sensors and wires that can be tampered with. New features can even fool visitors into thinking you’re at home when you’re not! If you are considering an upgrade to [or new installment of] your home security system, you should know what’s available so you can choose the right features for your property and your peace of mind.


Wireless technology is the biggest update to home security, and frankly, it’s great. You don’t need a control panel, sensors all over the house, microphones, multiple cameras, and a professional installation—DIY wireless security systems are easy to put together and flexible to use. Move sensors anywhere in your home at your convenience. Many come with alarms, cloud storage of your data and camera footage, and additional sensors to detect flooding or fire.


Camera doorbells are everywhere! With the improvement of camera technology, it’s so easy now to see who’s at your front door when you’re not home, and some systems allow you to have a conversation with the person standing on your stoop as well. Prices have dropped significantly on these systems and there are many to choose from, some with added features such as the ability to set off an alarm and the ability to access your video from any device — and even through email.


Nannycams and internal home monitors are also extremely useful. Set up motion-detecting cameras that will message you when unusual activity is detected inside your home. Check that the kids have arrived home from school on time. Access your videos anywhere, anytime, using a smartphone app. Some systems even let you set up facial recognition technology, so your housekeeper, babysitter, or spouse doesn’t trigger an alert.


Smart locks, according to, are incredibly popular now. Using an app, you can lock and unlock your door from wherever you are. Some systems let you create authorizations for multiple people as well, such as the petsitter or your little brother who’s crashing on your couch. They generally work only with deadbolts, but smart locks can help you avoid one of the most annoying things about traveling: having to turn around and go back to make sure you locked the front door.


While securing your physical property, don’t forget your intangibles: your data. Cloud data increasingly offers better security technology, with protection against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Secure your data for everything from your laptop to Internet of Things devices like your connected thermostat and, of course, your home security data.


Too many apps and buttons and codes for you? Fear not: A gaggle of startup tech companies are rushing to put out what’s basically a universal remote for your smart home — one device that works with multiple apps to keep your home comfortable, well-stocked, and secure. And you can purchase cyber insurance to protect your investment in all these gadgets and gizmos.



Information provided by Velma Mortgage Solutions.